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In light of recent announcements and bans on gatherings over 100, here’s how we as a church plan to respond:

Although we aren’t a large church, come Sunday we will need to do things differently. The easiest thing would be to stop services and simply do a live stream. However, while we recognize that many in our communities are worried about catching COVID 19, our strength as a church is, in fact, our community!

So what we have agreed is the following:

  • Run TWO services on Sunday morning to allow people to gather while maintaining social distance, as well as not having to worry about exceeding 100. 

  • The services times will be 8:30am & 10:30am. 

  • The 8:30am service will be more of a chapel style service with acoustic worship and the 10:30am will be like our current 10am service.


We will live stream the 10:30am service for those who feel unsafe in gatherings as we want everyone to be able to connect and participate in our corporate worship!

To minimize any risk of infection, we will only be offering communion at the 8:30 service. Instead of passing the bread and the cup from person to person, people will be invited to come to the table and take it there, placing their used cup in a basket.

Here are the service timings for this Sunday. 

8:30 am - Chapel service with acoustic worship & communion 
10:30 am - Regular Service 


If there are any more changes you will hear from us as soon as possible.

Thank you all.

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